SCANN Performance at ASK Show July 2014 – Nakuru

Every year a Trade and Fun Fair is held in Nakuru (ASK Show).  Every year our Acrobatic Team performs for VIP’s and Government Dignitaries.  SCANN Acrobatic Performers are the most popular entertainment at the Arena.All our children and staff also attend the show.  SCANN pays for their entrances, rides and entertainment at the show and also provides lunch and transport.  This year the cost for this day at the show was a staggering Shs.60,000/- . The children had a great time as it was worth every shilling!

SCANN kids


Graduation for Kenyan Students

Many of our children are graduating from high school in June of this year!  Please click on “Contact Us” to learn more about graduation or if you’d like to attend the ceremony!

Fundraising Event

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