Esther Autai – May Her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace


Following a short illness bravely borne, Esther passed away on 11th June 2014. Esther worked at SCANN as an assistant teacher and kitchen help for almost 10 years.  We will all miss her. She was a widow and the only bread-winner in her family.  She left behind 2 sons – Tony Blair Murunga aged 13 in Class 6 at Jamhuri Primary School and Benjamin Afundi aged 14 in Class 7 also at Jamhuri Primary School.The SCANN Board resolved and have admitted both Esther’s orphaned children to SCANN.  We will ensure just like all our other SCANN children, Tony and Benjamin attain the highest education before leaving SCANN. In view of Esther’s demise, we have now employed Carolyne to take her place .Carolyne will in addition to Esther’s duties also assist in our “Baby Dorm” two nights a week.