JAMES MASIZA – The Youngest Boy at SCANN


 James is an orphan and is the last born in his family.  His three elder brothers, Ezekiel Kiprono Ndiva, Kibet Mkhabi Ndiva and Enock Shiveka are also in SCANN.  His father passed away in 2012 after developing chest complications leaving his 4 sons under the care of their mother who was a housewife.  In 2013 James’s mother passed on.  James and his siblings were left with their aunty, Ezina.  According to Ezina, James’s mother committed suicide in their rural home due to frustrations and guilt of being unable to cater for her children and unable to cope with life.  Ezina, a single parent, works as a house help.  She too has 4 children of her own whom she looks after and due to her meager earning, she was unable to continue providing the basic necessities of James.  Ezina approached the SCANN Chairman for assistance and James was admitted into SCANN on April 1st.