Case Studies

SCANN's New Family Members

A few weeks ago, a friend of SCANN returned from his home village with a heartbreaking story.  He informed SCANN of a 5 year old child (Dennis Kiplang’at) in his village whose single parent – Miss Jennet Cherotich aged 23 died on 12th January 2013.  The child was taken in by his 53 year old sick grandmother –unfortunately she also died on 11th March 2013 leaving 5 year old Dennis with nowhere to live, no place to eat with no known relatives and with nobody able or willing to take care of him.  He went from house to house in the village begging for food and often slept out in the cold.

On hearing his story, SCANN rushed its staff to the village to obtain a letter from the only Government Administrator in the village – an Assistant Chief and he recommended bringing the child to SCANN immediately.

Little Dennis was brought to us with the Chief’s letter and his few belongings in 2 paper bags -burial permits for his mother and grandmother and another paper bag with medicines and health reports from a small Medical Centre located in a nearby town.  The medical reports show (as if he hadn’t suffered enough or hadn’t had more than his fair share of bad luck) poor Dennis is HIV+ and also suffered from TB!

At age 5 he weighed 12kg and looked like a 3 year old child, malnutritioned, lost, scared, didn’t speak Swahili or English only spoke Kalenjin (no one at SCANN speaks Kalenjin) with no parents and no relatives.  Upon arriving, he just sat in one corner and cried!

We immediately got our SCANN Resident Doctor (Dr. Kuria) to thoroughly check him out and do everything and anything that needs to be done (no expense was to be spared) to get Dennis get better.  If he died at SCANN – so be it, at least he would have seen some comfort, caring and hope at SCANN.  For sure he would have died had he remained in his village.

New medicines have been prescribed, a special diet has been set up and Dr. Kuria has assured us Dennis will survive at SCANN.

About 2 weeks after we found Dennis, we found out he had a 10 year old brother who disappeared soon after the grandmother died and nobody knew his whereabouts.  We got our staff to rush back to his village and see if the brother could be traced.  We realized if we didn’t find him now Dennis and his brother would never see each other ever again.

Two days later Rotich came back with 10 year old Collins (who had taken refuge in a church in a nearby village), a letter from the Chief (copy attached), his meager belongings, birth certificate and once again medical records.  Collins too was HIV+ and also had TB.

We re-united the two brothers – what a sight.  The two brothers tightly held on to each other with tears of joy running down their cheeks.  Never will we let them be separated again!

Dr Kuria once again checked Collins, prescribed new medicines and has also put him on a special diet.  Both brothers are now doing really well, putting on weight, are happy and now have friends and family at SCANN.  Young Dennis attends classes at SCANN and older Collins has been admitted into Class 5 at one of the best Government primary schools in town.

We are determined to see the two brothers live long, happy, healthy lives and will give them the best Education possible, for them to be successful members of our society – This is one of SCANN’s most recent challenges!!!  Yes a very expensive, long term challenge but we know we will find the funds and resources to help them excel!