Board of Trustees

Board Members

Our board members come to us from a variety of backgrounds and diverse experiences.  Meet each of them below.

Shamsher Gilani:  Founding Trustee and Chairman of SCANN since SCANN founded in 1997.  Handles fundraisings and day to day activities of SCANN.

Director of large family business in Nakuru and a past Chairman of Association of Round Tables in East Africa as well as the Ngala School for Deaf Children Board of Governors.  Shamsher is also a Honorary Member of Rotary Club.

Rajinder Puri:  Trustee for the last 6 years.  Holder of a Masters Degree in Business Administration and General Manager in a large corporation in Nakuru.  He oversees the day to day maintenance and upkeep of  all the fixtures and equipment on the SCANN property.  He also handles the day to day requirements of all University and College going students including fees, accommodation, etc.  Additionally, Rajinder assists the Treasurer in investment of SCANN funds.

Avni Gilani:

SCANN Trustee since inception its inception in 1997.  Qualified Chartered Accountant and a Partner at Ernst & Young.  Avni, serving in the role of treasurer, oversees all financial transactions for SCANN including maintaining and preparing Financial Statements for SCANN which are then Audited by independent Auditors – P.K.F.  Avni also handles payments of all staff salaries, Government returns and all Statutory matters.

Rotary Club of Nakuru – presently represented by Mr. Edward Wahome.

The Rotary Club of Nakuru has been on SCANN Board since 1997.  Edward has represented the Rotary Club for the last 6 years.  He is presently the Secretary to the Board of Trustees.  Edward is a dedicated, charitable individual who has introduced a number of visiting Rotarians to SCANN.  Edward is pivotal in recruiting of staff and teachers.

Salvation Army:

Been a board member since 1999.  The property on which the SCANN Center operates belongs to the Salvation Army who have leased it to SCANN at a nominal rental.  The Salvation Army has their representative living within the SCANN premises and sits on our Board of Trustees.

East African Women’s League (EAWL):

This organization has been on our Board since SCANN’s inception.  Their representative on our Board has always been Mrs. Pauline Joslyn who after over 14 years of dedicated service passed away in 2012.  The EAWL is soon to post a replacement representative.