Case Studies

Stephen’s mother is a single mother.  She dropped out of school in Form 2 after she became pregnant.  She later got married and in 2016 Stephen’s mother separated with her husband due to domestic issues.  She rented a house where she stayed with her 3 children and a nephew who requires medical attention.  Life became difficult for her as she depended on casual jobs to look after the children.  Due to financial constraint Stephen’s was unable to provide basic needs for the children and feared that they may drop out of school and the nephew will miss out on his medication as he had already stopped taking his prescribed medication for almost 3 weeks.  Her one-room rental house where they lived was locked by the landlord for not paying rent for 2 months. She approached SCANN Chairman for assistance.  On further independent investigations, Stephen and his nephew were found to be needy and were admitted into SCANN.