A Truly Great Wall

We learned about SCANN through our Rotary Club chapter in South Florida.  We helped raise funds to build a wall around their campus to provide the children with much needed security.  It turns out that wall was completed just prior to the election riots breaking out.  It turns out that SCANN was not only able to protect its own children, it was actually able to take in many, many more children from around the entire country to keep them safe and sheltered throughout the chaos.  We are so grateful that our small contribution not only helped the children of SCANN but literally saved the lives of so many others from all around Kenya!

A New Benchmark…

Scann Foundation sets a new benchmark when it comes to philanthropy.  They give these children a home, an education and a family, and all with no administrative costs.  These children need help more than anyone and it is so great to see this organization working so hard not only to help these kids but in addition, uplift their town of Nakuru in the process.  We are proud donors to this wonderful cause!

-Anonymous Donor

From Rehabilitation to Graduation

If you have ever visited East Africa, you would see the extraordinary high level of poverty and most heartbreakingly, the high level of street children.  When you walk by them, you want to give them money so they can eat but that only helps them for that day.  SCANN gives us a chance to make that impact every single day and we are so happy to have found them.  The child we sponsor was once sniffing glue on the streets of his small village and is now enrolling in college!  We are so proud and so grateful to SCANN for facilitating his rehabilitation and educating him both in and out of the classroom!

-Kim Parsons