Christmas, a prominent day marking annual milestone among millions of Christians across global regions.
As SCANN Fraternity we are not left out in acknowledging and appreciating Almighty God for this far He has seen us through. Hence, despite accommodating Children from varying religious backgrounds, SCANN strives to put a smile on each of their faces with compassion and love on this special day of the year.

As our tradition, all the 116 Boys enjoyed their Christmas party on the evening of 10/12/2022 after a communal meeting with the Board of Trustees, Staff and Invited Guests. The Board awarded All staff and Boys who have shown outstanding performance throughout the year. It was a day of Delight, appreciations and Joy.

As SCANN continues to provide a Home to 116 Children , we also sustain their holistic Care inclusive of Shelter, Food, Clothing, Healthcare, and most importantly Education.
This Christmas ,we spread Love, appreciations and wishes of Good Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity to all our kind donors, sponsors and well wishers during Christmas and New Year Seasons.

Invited Guest, Alumni, Sponsors, Trustees and Staff
All the 116 Children together with the Staff
Congratulations Mike Ngereza for winning the Child of the Year Award presented by the SCANN Chairman.
SCANN University Students cutting the Christmas and New Year Cakes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our Family to Yours!!!


SCANN continues to provide a Home to 116 children where we provide them with Shelter, Food, Clothing, Healthcare, and most importantly Education. These children spend between 10 to 15 years with us until they are well educated and ready to live independent, productive lives within our Society. SCANN Project has only been possible through sponsorships and Donations from well-wishers and friends.

SCANN Board of Trustees thank all well-wishers who have continued to stand with all SCANN projects.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that left many families struggling to make ends meet due to unemployment, loss of businesses, etc., the SCANN Board of Trustees started 2 SCANN Hot Kitchens, 1 at the SCANN Centre site and the other at Ronda Slum. These Hot Kitchens serve a hot meal daily to approx. 750 less fortunate children, the aged, and those challenged in different ways, free of charge. The meals are made possible through the help of well-wishers. We have so far served 299,888 meals in these two SCANN Hot Kitchens as of 14th April, 2022. To sponsor all the meals at any one of these Hot Kitchens costs Kshs.10,000/- per day.

On 8th April , 2022, SCANN distributed approximately 500 mattresses to all the beneficiaries that attended the Ronda Hot Kitchen that Friday evening. All beneficiaries received a hot daily meal as usual and those that had kept the gift vouchers were graced to carry a mattress home regardless of gender, age or socioeconomic background.

The SCANN project continues to care and provide for diverse range of persons including children, women, the physically disabled ,the elderly etc. These groups of beneficiaries could barely hide their joy and gratitude for all the donors and well wishers who made the mattresses’ donations possible.“ I am a mother of seven children without any means of income to feed nor care for my family. This daily meal at SCANN has significantly helped my family , all my children eat here every evening. And today I thank the SCANN chairman and all the donors and well wishers for giving us mattresses. May God bless you very much . We pray that God reward you abundantly! She said.

Other beneficiaries also added that “SCANN Hot kitchen continues to help many of us who suffer in this area with no employment. During these tough economic times, many of us would sleep on empty stomachs if not for SCANN. We are grateful for the project where at least we are sure of a meal”.

Hit on the link below to view an exclusive coverage of the event:-

Mattress donations at SCANN Hot Kitchen Ronda; 8th April 2022

The SCANN fraternity conveys words of appreciation and blessings to all donors and well wishers who made this event possible. May the almighty reward you many many folds and may all yours wishes in life come true. Amen.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
~ John Holmes


“My sincere gratitude and thanks giving  for an awesome support for the time I spent at S.C.A.N.N.  To be honest I have spent  few days figuring out what I can write that can be congruent with all the wonderful memories that I have created with my brothers and all the support I have received  at S.C.A.N.N., but it’s overwhelming what you have done to my life. I can’t even explain it in words only ” sometimes I will need to use my tears also for the story to be complete “.  These are the words of John Nyoike.

John joined SCANN in 2007 following the 2007/2008 post-election violence when many including himself, found themselves displaced.  He separated with his mother and two siblings in the process of escape.  With the help of one of the Red cross trucks John found himself in Nakuru show ground in a camp.  H decided to run to the streets of Nakuru to look for food and a place to sleep, in the verandahs.  “Believe me when I say it was rough out there, the street is unwelcoming, no food, no clothes and brutal older boys and men, but all the same John had to stay because he had no option.

“One day came, I call it a ” Red- Letter day” when a person approached me and posed a question” do you want to be educated and become somebody in the society?” I think he was an angel from heaven”.   And that is how John ended up at SCANN, where he met other boys “enjoying life like they own it. The environment felt peaceful.”

When talking about SCANN, John calls it “a small heaven”,  where everything he could ever wish for ….food, shelter, clothes, security, health care, education and everything else was handy.  “It was surely a miracle, a golden opportunity.” Says John.

A Kenyan with a heart of gold, Mr. Shamsher Gilani, thank you for the emphasis you make about the importance of Education.

John started learning at SCANN Centre classes before joining Public Primary School.  He scored 279 marks in K.C.P.E.

“There is no day that food, school fees, uniform or any learning requirement was not provided for me.  This kept me thinking about the management of this project (there must be dedication and diligence and hard work put for the project to be stable) sure the is”.

John continues to say “But as – Marcus Aurelius says “a man then must stand erect and not be kept erect by others.  Despite the good things I ever received, Education was personal and self-driven, I had to sacrifice my time and energy to learn and understand.  Thanks to SCANN for providing us with reliable qualified part time teachers who helped us a lot along the way .

John finished K.C.S.E. exam and managed to get a grade of B-.  He pursued a Degree in Bachelor of Science, Nursing, at Egerton University.  “This was a big deal for me because I was to have a personal bank account and would go and leave at the university alone.  This was a life changer, thanks to SCANN for making it a reality and believing in me.  Right now I have finished my University Education and I am a proud Graduate, thanks to SCANN.”

Sincere appreciation

“Special thanks goes to the chairman Mr. Shamsher Gilani, Board of Trustees, Sponsors, Donors and Well-wishers.  I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the chairman and the Queen ( Avni), for the profitless efforts, his enthusiasm, diligent, hard work ,dedication, name them, the list is long, thanks for picking me from the streets and thanks for being the lion and eagle ( I give you both their great qualities because you deserve them) for making sure this project is alive and kicking for Years.

I remember you always told me to work hard with dedication and honesty, I promise I won’t forget that, may you live long, we need you, your children need you…..THANK YOU, Mr. Shamsher Gilani, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

I also extend my appreciation to Trustee Puri, Trustee  Judy, Rotarian Wahome and everyone I haven’t mentioned. THANK YOU for your guidance and advise along the way and if I was ever indiscipline please pardon me.

Thank you to all the Sponsors and Donors for making this project a success.  May God bless you.

After finishing my education before joining internship I was granted an opportunity to present a report on COVID 19 at SCANN  Annual Genaral Meeting and also become a Manager at a new SCANN project started in July 16th 2020 ( SCANN HOT KITCHEN). I want to admit that this was a milestone for me and special thanks for believing in me and I really did my best.  The bond and connection I made with them was unbreakable, thanks Trustee Judy for your guidance during my reign in this project.  I was even featured on TV, I was so happy.  I really enjoyed working with you, you are the best, honestly.

My appreciation goes to my brothers and all the subordinates working at SCANN.  This is a team work, no one can make it alone.  Thank you all for your help, I will be always a SCANN boy .

I can write on and on because the experience was massive and wonderful, it’s hard to get someone who can commit himself to your success and asking nothing in return. I think this can be unbelievable for some people but thank you SCANN for showing the World that it’s possible, that there is always hope, love and kindness, even in the hard World we live in where people always think of themselves, which challenges me in person to be a giver in future because I grew up in someone’s hands which I can’t forget.

Thank you everyone who took part in my success.  (We did it guys).

To my brothers who are  still at SCANN, work hard.  Believe me when I tell you this is a Golden Opportunity.  You must have a strong will power to be disciplined enough and ability to choose between  what you need now and what you really need the most, to know that you must sacrifice now for a greater and better future, the ball is in your court, it’s possible.

Education is key.

Thank you very much SCANN for having me all that time I don’t take it for granted ,God bless you abundantly.