SCANN continues to provide a Home to 116 children where we provide them with Shelter, Food, Clothing, Healthcare, and most importantly Education. These children spend between 10 to 15 years with us until they are well educated and ready to live independent, productive lives within our Society. SCANN Project has only been possible through sponsorships and Donations from well-wishers and friends.

SCANN Board of Trustees thank all well-wishers who have continued to stand with all SCANN projects.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that left many families struggling to make ends meet due to unemployment, loss of businesses, etc., the SCANN Board of Trustees started 2 SCANN Hot Kitchens, 1 at the SCANN Centre site and the other at Ronda Slum. These Hot Kitchens serve a hot meal daily to approx. 750 less fortunate children, the aged, and those challenged in different ways, free of charge. The meals are made possible through the help of well-wishers. We have so far served 299,888 meals in these two SCANN Hot Kitchens as of 14th April, 2022. To sponsor all the meals at any one of these Hot Kitchens costs Kshs.10,000/- per day.

On 8th April , 2022, SCANN distributed approximately 500 mattresses to all the beneficiaries that attended the Ronda Hot Kitchen that Friday evening. All beneficiaries received a hot daily meal as usual and those that had kept the gift vouchers were graced to carry a mattress home regardless of gender, age or socioeconomic background.

The SCANN project continues to care and provide for diverse range of persons including children, women, the physically disabled ,the elderly etc. These groups of beneficiaries could barely hide their joy and gratitude for all the donors and well wishers who made the mattresses’ donations possible.“ I am a mother of seven children without any means of income to feed nor care for my family. This daily meal at SCANN has significantly helped my family , all my children eat here every evening. And today I thank the SCANN chairman and all the donors and well wishers for giving us mattresses. May God bless you very much . We pray that God reward you abundantly! She said.

Other beneficiaries also added that “SCANN Hot kitchen continues to help many of us who suffer in this area with no employment. During these tough economic times, many of us would sleep on empty stomachs if not for SCANN. We are grateful for the project where at least we are sure of a meal”.

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Mattress donations at SCANN Hot Kitchen Ronda; 8th April 2022

The SCANN fraternity conveys words of appreciation and blessings to all donors and well wishers who made this event possible. May the almighty reward you many many folds and may all yours wishes in life come true. Amen.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
~ John Holmes