Who We Are

Founded in 1997, Street Children’s Assistance for Nakuru Networks (SCANN), was created to remove homeless children from the streets of
Kenya and to provide them with an education so they can have a chance to become contributive members of society. While SCANN’s primary objective is education, in order to achieve it, SCANN must also provide rehabilitation, food, clothing, shelter, health care and a nurturing, familial environment for these children to succeed.

To date, SCANN has helped enroll 65 former street orphans enroll into colleges/universities in Kenya. Most of all, thanks to our partners, particularly the Cedar Foundation, every child’s educational needs are fully paid for through the college and university levels to ensure the highest chances of succes!

Thanks primarily to the voluntary efforts of Shamsher, Avani and Yasmin Gilani, SCANN’s success is based in large part, on the emphasis of volunteerism. That being the case, SCANN carries zero administrative costs. In other words, every dollar given to the organization goes directly towards efforts that impact the children.

SCANN currently houses 150 children from all over Kenya that need your help. We would like to have a greater impact on the children we have today as well as improve the lives of children that still need help but we can’t do it without you. Please help us by sponsoring a child, a project or by donating your time!