SCANN rescues children from the streets of Kenya

SCANN’s ultimate mission is successfully run itself out of business.  In the meantime, there are still plenty of children in Kenya that need your help!

SCANN is a not for profit orphanage that rescues children from the streets of Kenya to rehabilitate, educate and raise them as part of our family.  Our goal is to turn these children, the poorest of the poor, into independent, contributive members of society.  Through donations, child sponsorships and our volunteers, SCANN works to provide the tools, skills and opportunities necessary to help these children become successful.  Most importantly, SCANN does this with zero administrative costs.  As a result, every dollar donated goes directly towards projects that impact our children.

SCANN currently cares for about 150 children, aged between 2 years and 20 years.  We have found employment for most SCANN alumni and have helped put 65 children through colleges and universities.  However, we still have plenty of work to do.  SCANN would like to make a greater impact on the children that we have.  Moreover, there are still plenty of children that need our help.  That’s where you come in.

SCANN and our children would be so grateful for any help you can offer.  Through child sponsorships, donations or most valuable, your time, please help SCANN achieve its ultimate mission!